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A Portrait of Dick Gregory


This Is Dick Gregory!



Comedian, civil rights activist, nutritionist; born in St. Louis, Mo.

Known for his ground-breaking use of socially conscious racial humor, Dick Gregory overcame his origins in extreme poverty to become the first African-American comedian to perform for white audiences.

After attending Southern Illinois University on an athletic scholarship and serving in the U.S. Army (1953--56), he rose to national prominence at the Chicago Playboy Club (1961).

Throughout the 1960s his fame as a civil rights activist and nightclub performer made his name synonymous with progressive social and political causes.

He ran in Chicago's mayoral race (1966) and for the U.S. Presidency (1968) to publicize human rights issues.

Embracing vegetarianism through his commitment to nonviolence, he became a radical nutritionist and nutritional proselytizer and founded DICK GREGORY HEALTH ENTERPRISES (1984). Famous for using fasts and marathons as activist tools, his many popular records and writings include an Autobiography (1964, 1970).


Dick Gregory is a man of many talents. Famous for his hunger strikes for justice, his mobilizations for social change, his comedy career and his anti-drug activities, Gregory's unflagging sense of justice has led him from Louisiana to Iran.

His participation in the Civil Rights movement of the 1960's is well-documented, as are his efforts for world peace, against hunger and on behalf of American Indians.

More recently, his face has appeared in newspapers across the country for his unique community action approach to investigate allegations behind the CIA's connection with drugs in the Black community.

He camped out in dealer-ridden public parks and rallied community leaders to shut down "head shops." However, Gregory's efforts have cost him.

He was virtually barred from the entertainment arena, although he is credited with opening the door for many black comedians.

He is a prolific author, with several books to his credit.


Death Cover-up Press Release December 24, 1997

Civil Rights activist Dick Gregory was arrested today, Christmas Eve, during a protest he led with Washington community activists and other friends outside the main entrance to the Armed Forces Institute Of Pathology's (AFIP) main office at Walter Reed Army Medical Center.

Gregory, who led the protest and prayer vigil, put yellow crime scene tape around a building at the entranceway to Walter Reed.

"These people engaged in a crime," Gregory said, "There was evidence that Ron Brown was murdered and they decided to not do an autopsy and destroy his head X-rays."

Gregory was arrested by District of Columbia police. He vowed he would not pay any bail and would spend Christmas in jail conducting a fast...

"until I am brought before a judge and can make my complaints against the military public once again."

"We are not going to allow this to pass," vowed Dick Gregory.

"There is very strong evidence the AFIP found a gunshot wound on Ron Brown's head and decided to cover-up this evidence."

Two Armed Forces deputy medical examiners, Air Force Lt. Colonel Steve Cogswell and Army Lt. Col David Hause have stated that military personnel who examined Brown's body discovered at the very top of Brown's head a perfectly circular .45 inch hole which was consistent with a gunshot wound. No autopsy was conducted on Brown, and all of the original head X-rays of Brown are now missing from Brown's case file at AFIP.

Both Cogswell and Hause are ranking military officers, both are experienced doctors trained in pathology, and both have experience in dealing with plane crashes and gunshots.

Cogswell has alleged that the original X-ray of Brown's head showed metal fragments in Brown's brain consistent with a disintegrating bullet. The Pittsburgh Tribune-Review has published this X-ray as well as other photos of the wound itself.

The Tribune-Review has also reported that Dr. Cyril Wecht, a forensic pathologist of world renown, reviewed the evidence in the Brown case and concluded that there was "more than enough" evidence Brown was assassinated and that an autopsy and FBI investigation should have been conducted.

"Ron Brown was the highest ranking African American in the U.S. government and now we learn that he may have been murdered and a cover-up took place of his death," Gregory said.

"Millions of African Americans are outraged that the government would do this.

We are also shocked that the officers who came forward to speak the truth have had their movements restricted, one officer likened this action to 'house arrest.'

"They have also been gagged from speaking to the press."

The NAACP and the Black Congressional Caucus have written to the White House and Janet Reno demanding an investigation.

Gregory said the purpose of the Christmas Eve protest was to lay the blame where it belongs, on the AFIP for not doing its job, and on its chief, Col. Michael Dickerson.

Gregory is calling for an independent investigation of Brown's death, the AFIP and Col. Dickerson's handling of this matter.

Gregory said he will continue other acts of disobedience to draw public attention to this cover-up.

His biography alone and his lifelong dedication should be one of the foremost reasons for your purchasing Dick Gregory's Twenty-First Century "State of the Union" Address on 3 CDs.

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