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Welcome! You Can Experience TheTwenty-First Century - State of the Union Message From Dick Gregory

Dick Gregory

The Twenty-First Century
on 3 Exciting CDs

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ON 3 Exciting CDs

*This is Dick Gregory's Urgent
To You and For Your Benefit!

*This is a Truly Unique Collection of THREE CDs!

*Provocative and Powerful
As Only Dick Gregory Can Deliver!

*Only $34.99 For All 3 CDs (Includes Priority Mail Delivery)

It's Mr. Dick Gregory at his best, telling it like it is!

This 2001 historical CD, covers a broad range of issues African-Americans are facing in the 21st Century and beyond.

You'll come away with a broader knowledge of:

*What You Don't Know,

*What You Need To Know, and

*Why You Should Thank GOD ...

for keeping you safe in this sick society.

And...You Don't Have to Be African-American to Purchase this Exciting CD, because it's an Educational Experience for All Americans!


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Topics Addressed Dick Gregory's Twenty-First Century "STATE OF THE UNION" Message on 3 CDS Include:

*Surviving in this Vicious, Insane Society
*The Black and White Perspective of Thanking God
*School Shooting: A One-Day Tragedy
*Putting Gold in Good Teeth
*The N Word and the Billionaire
*The N Word and the Alphabet
*Mark Twain and Haleys Comet
*Huckleberry Finn and a Black Man Named Jim
*Being Validated by the Present System
*The Swastica as the S Word
*The Concentration Camp as the C Word
*Ethnic Crime: Man vs. Man
*Killing Where You Live
*Happy Black Men and Boys and Watermelons
*Horror Movies: Frankenstein and the Wolf Man
*Defining a Frankenstein
*White as an Attitude and Not a Color
*The Absentee Parent
*Illegitimate Children
*Medical Research using Male White Mice and Rats
*Single Parenthood
*The Status of Women in America
*The Intelligence Quotient of the Black Woman
*Being Born in Wisdom
*Harvard and M.I.T. Student Suicides
*Japanese School Suicides
*Celebrity Substance Abuse: Liz Taylor & Whitney Houston
*The Difference Between Crime and Sickness
*Dysfunction in Buckingham Palace
*Family Values and the Mafia
*Slavery and Family Values
*Marriage and Jumping the Broom
*Playing the Game By the Rules
*Living with Your Past Record
*Clarence Thomas and the Black Panthers
*Being Black and Looking Negro-ish
*Ivy League Colleges and Universities
*Black Republicans
*Baseball: The Game of America and Jackie Robinson
*Sacrificing the Young Gladiators of America
*Michael Jordan and Tiger Woods: 40 Years Earlier
*Paying the Dues
*The Hypothetical Death of Colin Powell
*Killing Blacks on Halloween
*As Safe as a Jew in Nazi Germany
*Convenience Stores
*The High Speed Pursuit
*Providence, Rhode Island
*The Case Against Muhammad Ali
*The Case Against Michael Jackson
*Pedophiles in the Catholic Church Priesthood
*Bill Cosby
*Flip Wilson: Geraldine and Reverend Leroy
*The Late Ennis Cosby
*Condoleezza Rice
*Jesse Jackson, Jr.
*The BIG TWO Spelman College Donations
*Ray Charles and Zeroes
*Stevie Wonder
*Passing the Torch
*The Electric Slide (Keep Looking!)
*Personal, Public and Professional Qualifications
*School Vouchers and Your Kids!
*Education in the Industrial Revolution
*Columbus and the REAL Discovery of America
*Settlers vs. Savages
*Kemosabe and Tonto: Who Is Who?
*College Sports Gladiators
*The Civil Rights Movement
*Twin Targets: The Black Woman and The Black Church
*Coming Soon: Defining Tom and Uncle Tom
*America: Voting Rights Defined
*The Right to Elect and Select
*Eternal Dispositions
*May God Grant Me a Son
*Mr. N. Gregory and Miss Miss Gregory
*Good Credit with No Cash
*Hitler and the 1936 Olympics
*Jesse Owens vs. The Master Race
*The Fatal Restrictions of Joe Louis
*2000 Years Later
*Capital Punishment
*Were You There?
*Attending Church
*Your Money and Your Power
*The Pope and the Vatican
*Giving and Receiving
*Saluting Americas Military Heroes: Dogs
*California and the Power Shortage
*The Nuclear Age
*Black America and Bill Clinton
*Arsenic and The Old/New Days
*The Frightening Agent Orange Truth
*Computers Replacing Humans
*Discount Cocaine
*Violent Movies
*Bombing Churches
*America Intercepting Faxes
*The 6% and the 79%
*Hurricanes and Slavery
*The Secret Sixth Division of Hitler
*The Name of America
*All Because of a Man Named Jesus
*School Prayer
*Naming Schools After the Devil
*School Sports Teams and Themes
*Devils, Red Devils and Demon Deacons
*Watermelons and U-N-I-T-Y
*Psalms 23
*Free Money
*The Cure for Cancer
*African Killer Bees
*West Nile Virus
*The Godfather
*HIV Does Not Cause AIDS
*The AIDS Conspiracy
*AIDS From Smallpox Vaccinations
*SV40 and 1960 Green Monkey Kidney Cells
*Weather Modifications
*M9 Gel and Condoms and Spermicides
*One Illegitimate Child for Jesse Jackson
*Ebonics and the Mainstream Tabloid Media
*The Oklahoma City Bombing Conspiracy
*Two Oklahoma City Explosions in One Day
*Early Warnings of the Oklahoma City Tragedy
*On the Eve of Birthday and Death of Hitler
*Waco, Oklahoma City and Columbine
*Who Paid Terry Nichols' Mortgage?
*The Assassination of Ron Brown
*The Assassination of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King
*The Assassination of John F. Kennedy
*The Jeanne Dixon Prediction
*J. Edgar Hoover
*The Grassy Knoll of Dallas, Texas
*Poison Warning: Do Not Swallow Your Toothpaste
*Baking Soda and Salt
*The Jesus Was Black - Sermon
*Defining Racism: Yours or Mine?
*American Indian Kids in Bad Schools
*O.J. Simpson, Nicole Brown-Simpson and Ron Goldman
*Four Los Angeles Pathology Technicians Murdered
*Dick Gregory For President 1968 and Nine Million Votes



*John Hanson: The First President and the Two-Dollar Bill
*Mountain Dew and Your Liver
*Kidney Dialysis Patients: 87% Black
*Drink Water!
*Money is Not Power!
*Education is Not Power!
*Information IS Power!
*Licensing Legal Weapons Carriers
*And Much, Much More!



Here is a List of More Audio CDs Featuring Dick Gregory that are Available Now!:

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Providing the highest quality of much needed information is a significant challenge. It is difficult to get a message out to as many people as possible in a short time.

This web site is the method we have chosen to quickly introduce you to Dick Gregory. If you haven't already acquainted yourself with his wit, humor and style, you may be walking in eternal darkness.

This is your Golden Internet Invitation to Come Out into the Daylight and the Sunshine and to Utilize this Site to Educate Yourself and Others about the key issues facing all of us on planet Earth, regardless of your Race, Color, Creed or World Origin.

Dick Gregory is Talking To YOU, YOU, and Especially YOU!

We hope you'll find the information you need on this site to make an informed decision. We look forward to hearing from you if you have any questions or need any further information.

An order form has been provided, and an interest inquiry form has also been included for your convenience in acquiring any or all of the educational and awareness tools available to you.


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Sadly, We Cannot Turn Back the Hands of Time, So We Must Face the Grim Reality! It's Time To WAKE UP... To the Truth, the Whole Truth and Nothing But the Truth that Only Dick Gregory Can Tell You in a Way You Will Fully Understand, and in a Style which is Totally Unique and Totally Dick Gregory!

Order Your Twenty-First Century STATE OF THE UNION Address by Dick Gregory on 3 CDs ... Today!



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___Dick Gregory: State of the Union CD
___Dick Gregory At Kent State CD
___The Best Of Dick Gregory CD
___Dick Gregory On....CD
___Dick Gregory: Frankenstein CD
___Dick Gregory: Live At The Village Gate CD
___Dick Gregory: Running For President CD
___Dick Gregory Talks Turkey CD
___Dick Gregory: The Light Side / The Dark Side CD
___The Two Sides Of Dick Gregory CD
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___Secrets of The Illuminati - Book
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___Frontmen of The Illuminati - Audiobook
___The Decoded Illuminati's Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion
___Who's Who of The Elite? - Book
___Arrival of the AntiChrist - Audiobook
___America's Occult Holidays - Audiobook
___Memoirs of a Former Illuminati Witch - Autobiography
___The Two Great Seals That Equal Our Doom - Website
___Demon Possession: A Guidebook for Human Service
___The American Focus on Satanic Crime - Book Series
___Hell Ranch: The Matamoros Cult Murders - Book
___Satanic Conditioning - Book
___The Satanism in Prisons Story - Audiobook
___California Penal System: A Ghostly Reign of Terror-Book
___The Criminal Justice System, Economics and African-American Boys
___Avoiding Rape On and Off Campus - Book
___Stress Management For Life - CD
___A Brief History of Castration - Book
___The Advantages of Castration - Book
___The Disadvantages of Castration - Book
___Secrets Uncovered: J. Edgar Hoover - Passing For White?

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